Happy Anniversary; the year of the wood

Friday May 13th, 2011 seemed like as good a day as any for my 3rd and final walk down the aisle.  Technically, it was only the second time down an aisle as Temple weddings are a smidgen different than any you’ll see on TV, but still.  Being slightly creepy and paranormal obsessed anyway, I wasn’t deterred by this purportedly unlucky day.  On the contrary, I had previously married on rather lame days without much luck of an eternal companion. Read More

First World Problems

May 9th, 2016

I can do hard things.  But honestly, sometimes I just don’t really want to.  And I don’t even mean actual hard things like running a marathon or battling some terrifying chronic illness.  Keep in mind that my “hard things” are completely relative to my life experience and former anticipated road map of life.  I’m a little undecided at this time as to whether or not I’m hella grateful for what I can do and have been blessed with or if I’m mostly annoyed that these growth promoting opportunities are even presented to me. Read More

Slightly Mental

I was 3 months into a false reconciliation with #3 when I embarked upon my first *real* attempt at ED recovery.  To clarify, I say “false” because at the time that I created space in my life, both physically and mentally, for #3 to demonstrate all of the ways that he was “completely different”, he was actually just beginning a second affair with his original accomplice in our first D-Day.  But to be fair, it was also false because I was not actively working towards reconciliation.  For my part, a better description would be I was passively observing him.  I was desperately waiting for full disclosure, something he never provided, as well as observing what actions he would take to overcome and maintain sobriety in his “addiction”. Read More